SportsEngine Registration: Castle Youth Football League

2019 Coaches Registration



Welcome to the 2019 Coaching Registration Form.  Please note the following:
1. Registering to coach does not guarantee you will be selected to coach in any capacity. There are many factors that go into coach selections including, but not limited to, background checks, past experiences and availability of coaching positions.  Our Coach's Committee will make the final decision on all coaching positions.
2. Individuals interested in coaching must successfully pass a background check.
3. It is important that you register with your direct email address.  This will be our primary method of contact for you.  In the event a spouse is registering for you, please ensure they enter your email address and not their own.
4. Coaching requires a time commitment.  Coaches are asked to attend events including, but not limited to Evaluation Day, Skill Drill Days and group practices as well as required to complete USA Football Certification and attend a Coaches Clinic.


Please direct questions to:

Chad Bobe

Director of Coaches

Phone: (812) 202-0463